Welcome to North Edmonton Alliance Church


As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation through updates and recommendations provided by Alberta Health Services (AHS), our Sunday services, prayer meetings, and large gatherings will be available online, while all in church gatherings will be cancelled until further notice.

We invite you to join us for God's Word every week by selecting the service times below

我們會透過由亞省衛生局 (AHS) 所提供的最新消息和建議來繼續監視著 COVID-19 的情況. 目前我們會採用 "線上" 來提供主日崇拜, 祈禱會和大型聚會, 而所有在教會內舉行的聚會將被取消至另行通告.

我們邀請你每週藉著選擇下列的崇拜時間, 來與我們一起領受神的話語.

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1 peter 1:22-25

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Rev. Gabriel Li

1 Samuel 2:1-10

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彼得前書 1:22–25

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歌羅西書 4:2–6

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North Edmonton Alliance Church

5108 McLeod Road,
Edmonton, Alberta, T5A 3J2

Phone 電話: 780-478-1443
Email 電郵: office@neachurch.ca


Services 崇拜

Sunday Worship Services 主日崇拜:

  • Cantonese Service 9:30am
    粵語崇拜 上午 9:30
  • English Service 11:00am
    英語崇拜 上午 11:00
  • Burundi Service 2:00pm
    布隆迪語崇拜 下午 2:00

Prayer Meetings 祈禱會:

  • Wednesday Evening 7:30pm
    星期三晚上 7:30